The Sbooktacular Reading Adventure

Get ready for the readathon ride of a lifetime!

The basics.

The Sbooktacular Readathon Adventure is a 'choose-your-own adventure' style readathon that runs from the 25th-31st of October. This is the official readathon for Sbooktober, which is a Halloween-themed YouTube and Instagram festival.

The idea behind this readathon is that you choose your own reading challenges by navigating a path through the readathon map. Every participant in the readathon will have seven reading challenges, but not everyone's challenges will be the same.

There's also an extra element of (fun) competition to the readathon for those who want more motivation. And there will be motivational reading sprints hosted on the @sbooktobernews twitter account.

The map.

How to read the map.

  • Begin at the bottom, with the sign that says 'trick or treat.'
  • As you follow the path you will come across sign posts, these sign posts will give you your challenge instructions.
  • Sometimes the signposts will simply give you your prompt. Other times you will have to choose between two different prompts.
  • If you have to choose between two prompts, you will then follow the path in the direction of your chosen prompt.
  • At no point should you ever be moving DOWN the map. You should always be moving from the bottom to the top.
  • Continue up the map until you reach the end of the path.
  • To save space, the signposts only have part of the prompt written, they should be fairly easy to figure out, but there is also a table of all the prompts written in full (scroll down a bit to see it) just in case anything isn't clear enough.
  • At the end of the path your character will be waiting for you! There are five characters in total.


Sbooktacular example path.

Say for example that you choose this path through the map. Then your reading challenges (in order from bottom to top) would be:

  1. Trick or treat: read a book of your choice
  2. Read a book set in the past
  3. read a book from a non-human perspective
  4. Read a book with a black cover
  5. Read a book in one day
  6. Read a graphic novel
  7. Read a sci-fi novel

And your spooky character would be a zombie.

Sbooktacular example path.

Or, for example, you choose this path through the map. Then your reading challenges (in order from bottom to top) would be:

  1. Trick or treat: read a book of your choice
  2. Read a book set in the past
  3. read a book with magic in it
  4. Read a book with orange on the cover
  5. Read a book only after the sun has set
  6. Read a book with the word 'dark' in the title
  7. Read a gothic novel

And your spooky character would be a vampire.

The challenges.

Be wary of using this table to guide your readathon path as it can be a bit more confusing. But you are welcome to use it  for reference to find the full wording of a reading challenge if you need.

The Sbooktacular reading challenges.

The characters.

Depending on which path you choose through the map, there will be a different spooky character waiting for you at the end! This character is your 'team' for the Halloween House Cup should you choose to join in. Otherwise you can simply admire the cuteness of your spooky friend instead!

The Halloween House Cup.

Just in case a 'choose-your-own adventure' readathon wasn't fun enough, I've added an EXTRA layer of fun, which I am calling the Halloween House Cup!

The basic breakdown of how the Halloween House Cup works is this: whichever character is waiting for you at the end of your path is your team 'mascot,' if you want to enter the Halloween House Cup then all you have to do is swear your allegiance to your particular mascot when you announce your TBR for the readathon.

The five different teams are:

Any social media posts, videos, photos, challenges completed, and books that you read will contribute to your spooky team. This will be most fun if you band together with other people who have the same mascot as you to give recommendations and encourage each other to read more!

How to enter:

  • Post your TBR before the 25th of October and tell us which sbooktacular team you are in.
  • Your TBR can be posted as a video, blog post, tweet, or Instagram post. I honestly don't mind, as long as you share it with the hashtag #sbookyreads and tag me (@novelthoughts_) in it so that I can find your post!
  • Find other people who are in your team by posting with your team hashtag (see above for the different hashtags), this is your opportunity to find friends and encourage each other to read more!

How to earn points:

  • Posting YouTube videos about your readathon experience. (20p)
    Can be: TBR videos, reading updates, daily or weekly vlogs, wrap up videos.
  • Posting blogs about your readathon experience. (20p)
    Can be: TBR posts, reading updates, wrap ups.
  • Posting photos of your TBR or reading progress. (10p)
    Post with the hashtag #sbookyreads and your team hashtag so that we can find your posts.
  • Tweeting about the readathon. (10p)
    Tweet with the hashtag #sbookyreads and your team hashtag so that we can find your posts.
  • Participating in Twitter sprints. (5p)
    Tweet with the hashtag #sbookyreads.
  • The number of pages you read. (1p)
    1 point will be awarded for every 10 pages you read. Audiobooks are also counted.
  • Finishing books. (100p)
  • Completing readathon challenges. (100p)
  • Completing your entire readathon path. (200p)

How will we know which team wins?

If you want to track your own points, you are more than welcome to. I will have a master spreadsheet where I'll be tracking the points earned per team as the readathon progresses. There will then be a livestream wrap up on my YouTube channel, Novel Thoughts, where I will reveal the winner of the Halloween House Cup.


Can I read the same book for multiple challenges?

Absolutely! The main goal of the readathon is to try and read seven books for seven challenges, but not everyone can do that (including me!) so if you find a book that covers multiple challenges on your path, use it to your advantage!

Can I just choose seven random reading challenges and do those?

No. That defeats the entire point of the readathon, which is to choose a path to follow on the readathon map.

Do I have to read my seven challenges in order?

No, once you have chosen your path and you know what your seven challenges are, I am happy for you to complete those seven challenges in whatever order you want.

What if I don't want to join the Halloween House Cup?

That's perfectly fine! The Halloween House Cup is only an optional extra for those who want to find new friends and get motivation to read more.

If I complete my path can I start another path?

Yes! If you are trying to complete more challenges in order to earn more points for your #sbookyteam or if you simply want to do more reading, you are more than welcome to choose a different path on the map to follow!

If I start a second path, will my previous reads count towards any repeat challenges?

If you are trying to complete another path to earn more points for your #sbookyteam then no, any repeat challenges will need to have a different book assigned to them in order to be eligible for points. If you're simply reading for fun then do whatever you want, I'm not your mother!

I can't think of any books that match <insert challenge here> can you help me?

Of course! I will be creating Twitter threads (on my account @novelthoughts_ and on the Sbooktober account @sbooktobernews) and blog posts, and possibly even videos, with reading recommendations for some of the trickier reading challenges. If you are struggling to find books for a particular challenge then let me know and I will guide you towards those recommendations!

Get reading!

I hope you're excited for this readathon, because I know I am, and I don't think there's been a readathon like it before! Feel free to let me know any questions you have about how the readathon works. And don't forget to tag me and use the hashtag #sbookyreads in any posts you make about the readathon!