The Novel Life Project

This is just a lil something that I came up with to try and get more positivity into my life again... and I thought I'd extend the invitation to others to join in with me if they wanted!

The basics.

The basic idea behind the Novel Life Project was to combine the concept of a '30 days of minimalism' challenge with a '30 days of mindfulness' challenge. So it's a 30 day challenge, and each day will have two tasks assigned to it - one minimalist task, and one mindfulness task. Together, they aim to help you to declutter both your life and your mind.

The tasks.


The tasks are designed to build progressively, from simpler tasks at the start of the month, to more involved tasks at the end of the month. That being said, you don't have to stick to the tasks exactly the way they are. If a particular task doesn't work for you, then you can swap it out for something that does - whether that's another task in this project, or a completely different one entirely!

My project.

I will be doing this project throughout the month of April, and posting updates on my progress on both Instagram and YouTube. You're more than welcome to join me if you want, or just to observe as I do it instead! :P