Salem's Lot // Stephen King

β€œThe basis of all human fears, he thought. A closed door, slightly ajar.”

The basics.

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Salem's Lot

Stephen King

October 1975



Perhaps the NovelTea Co Dracula blend? ;)

The synopsis.

When author Ben Mears returns to the town to write a story inspired by the haunted house that overlooks Jerusalem's Lot, he doesn't expect that story to become real. Not just real, but even larger and more horrifying than his imagination could ever have dreamed. A strange new man has arrived in town to start a new shop, people start disappearing, and eerie things are happening at the local cemetery. Will Ben be able to solve the mysteries that haunt his old hometown before it's too late?

My spoiler-free summary.

My five categories.

Characters + Relationships

It annoyed me that the only female character in this book was the first to die. Not only that but she died because of making a stupid unrealistic decision too. Otherwise the characters were okay.



There were too many drawn-out sections of description and scene setting that made the book longer than it needed. The plot itself was really simplistic and could have been achieved in a book half the length.

Themes + Motifs

It felt like Stephen King was trying to write a work of literary fiction and a suspense novel at the same time and it just didn't work for me. The sections of detailed description were beautiful to read and would have done well in a book of their own, but I felt like this book needed to choose one or the other instead of trying to be both. 

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Eh. It had some good spooky moments. But I was glad when it was over.

Bonus | Vampires

The over-religious-ness of this book annoyed me. It felt a little bit like the religious version of cultural appropriation, if that makes sense. Like, there are heaps of vampire myths that are steeped in tradition, way older than the catholic version. But somehow the only thing that works on the vampires is holy water and crucifixes.


My overall rating

Overall this book ended up with a two star rating from me. My first ever two star rating. It's not that I hated this book. I just... could do without it.

The aesthetic.

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Anyway I don't really have much else to say now. This was my first foray into Stephen King novels and so far it's not looking good!

Have you read any Stephen King novels? Can you recommend some that I might like better than this one?