La Belle Sauvage // Philip Pullman

β€œIt's about wrong and less wrong. Bad and less bad.” 

This is a very brief overview of my thoughts on this book because I have a lot of thoughts about it, and I'll be making a review video talking more deeply about it soon! (Hopefully)

The basics.

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La Belle Sauvage (Book of Dust #1)

Philip Pullman

October 2017



green tea and peppermint - smooth like water

The synopsis.

Malcolm is an unusually intelligent and observant 11 year old, and it doesn't take long before his knack of noticing things leads him into an inescapable chain of events. For strange things seem to be happening around him. There's corruption and intrigue at every turn, religious groups and government agencies are trying to outwit each other in a game of politics, and a lot of it seems to be centred around the baby girl being sheltered at the nunnery across the river. Soon, Malcolm will have to go on a journey, to play his part in the fight against these mysterious agencies, and he'll need all of his wits and intelligence to get through it.

The review.

The rating.

Overall this book got a four star rating from me, but only because I feel weird giving five star ratings to books! It was weird and wonderful and nostalgic to return to this fantasy world that I loved so much in the His Darkest Materials series, and as I said the main character was really refreshingly realistic.

The aesthetic.

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