Fantasy Adventureathon Team Points

Simply fill out the form below and it will automatically be added to a spreadsheet for us to calculate where the teams are at.

Remember this is not compulsory, if you don't want to participate in the Fantasy Feud you don't have to! You can simply read your books and tackle your challenges for fun! That is perfectly fine. If you do want to contribute points to your team then please try and use this form once a day to update us on how you've done so far.

When you fill out the pages read and books completed, fill it out with the total number of pages etc. that you’ve read so far, not just the pages that you’ve read today. We need things to be consistent in order to be able to tally the points correctly!


Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding, and thank you for participating in the #fantasyadventureathon! I'm so grateful.