My Writing Journey

I thought it might be fun to write progress updates on my new WIP as I go, so that I have something to look back on when I'm done!

03·04·17 | 0 words

book buying.gif

Today is the day that I spontaneously decided that I wanted to write a novel. Basically like this guy from Black Books, but instead of buying a book I wanted to write one. Haha. Let's see how this goes.

04·04·17 | 1708 words


I now have inspiration for a world, character, and general themes that I want to explore in my novel, but I'm still tossing up between two plot arcs.

06·04·17 | 3811 words

I've chosen a plot arc for now. Hooray!

08·04·17 | 4294 words

I ended up rewriting my entire opening because it didn't seem like a realistic introduction to the story for me. I'm really happy with my new intro though! So basically I've written way more words than my current WIP total shows haha.

13·04·17 | 5498 words

I did some writing sprints with the gorgeous Molly from the YouTube channel Molly Reads and Writes. It was really inspiring to hear about everyone else's current WIP's and to share bits and pieces of what we were writing. I can't wait to do more!

20·04·17 | 3894 words

After a lot of consideration I decided to go with the other of the two plot arcs I was considering... There were a couple of reasons for this decision. The first is that the first plot arc seemed to stereotypical for a fantasy novel, and I wanted to do something that stood out a little more. The second reason is that my new plot arc was actually the original source of inspiration for this story, so it seemed right to stick with that gut inspiration rather than change it to something else! Unfortunately this means that a lot of words just got thrown out the window!

I think it's fair to say that I'm not one of those writers who agonises over deleting words / paragraphs from their WIPs. I thought I would be because as a younger writer I always got really attached to what I was writing and took any criticism of it personally. Nowadays I seem to be more of the camp "words don't bleed, cut them" which I'm really proud of! I think it shows that I'm not afraid to think critically about what I've written and whether or not it really works.

20·04·17 | 3894 words

I shared the intro of my novel with two of my friends (Ben from the YouTube channel Ben Sanders, and Julia from the YouTube channel That Bookie) and their response was really encouraging and heartwarming for me. (It might have been because I told them they weren't allowed to say anything negative haha.)

21·04·17 | 4436 words


This is the first time I've looked at the novel in over a week - life just hasn't been kind to me lately! But I spent the afternoon and evening looking after a friend's kids, and took it as an excuse to do some writing! It's been slow going because I didn't really know how to get what I wanted out of my current scene. But I think I've got there now!