My 2018 Goals

Because I am trash for resolutions and goals I thought I might take the time to write out my 2018 resolutions to share with you (and with future me!).


+ Read 36 books. (Three a month)
+ Set aside 30 minutes every day to read using my Forest app.
+ Buy less audiobooks! (Only allowed to use my monthly credits)
+ Reduce my unread books on my shelves by 12. (One a month)
+ Read more diversely. (see my video for more details)


+ Reach 4k followers! :O
+ Post one video a week.
+ Follow my new video content plan. (Four categories, one for each week of the month.)
+ Follow my new review plan!
+ Host another readathon.
+ Make a yearly reading challenge for 2019.
+ Maybe even host an Instagram challenge?


+ Choose and buy a library stamp!
+ Learn Spanish and French on Duolinguo.
+ Learn AUSLAN.
+ Write more letters. (To my new pen pals!)
+ Study hard at my new degree and don't procrastinate!
+ Spend more time hanging out with Lola.
+ Stick to my makeup and skincare routine cause I always forget.
+ Stop buying all my clothes from Kmart :P time to be a grownup!
+ Be brave enough to reach out to those I want to be friends with.

So there they are!

What are some of your goals for this year?