Read-A-Thons // February 2019

One of my resolutions for this year was to participate in more community events, both on BookTube and in Melbourne. So a few weeks ago I put out a request to you guys for any readathons that I could participate in this month, and boy did you guys deliver!

Here is a list of every readathon that I am aware of that is happening in February, with dates, links to hosts’ YouTube channels, and summaries of the challenges and activities involved. Links to the announcement videos for each readathon can be found by clicking on the name of each host in the list.

If you know of a readathon that I have missed, feel free to let me know in the comments and I will add it ASAP!


ThrillerAThon | 18-24 February

ThrillerAThon is a week-long readathon dedicated to - yep, you guessed it - thrillers! Whether you’re into thrillers, horror, mystery, crime fiction, or anything else that fits the general mood of this readathon, it’s all welcome!

The Hosts.

Harriet Rosie

The Challenges.

1. Read the thriller you're most anticipating.
2. Read the thriller that's been on your TBR the longest.
3. Read the thriller you most recently added to your TBR.
4. Read the thriller with the best cover.
5. Revisit a thriller book or author.
6. Read a thriller that's been recommended by someone.


InLoveAThon | 10-14 February

This is the second year that InLoveAThon has happened, and it is a romance-filled delight. This readathon features ten reading challenges to inspire your reading list, with the idea that you can pick the seven challenges that most excite you, and choose your books based on them. The hosts will also be having reading sprints on Twitter to help get everyone reading more.

The Hosts.

Christina’s Journey
The Bookish Babbler
Paper Faerie
The Awkward Bookworm
Tiny Book Dragon

The Challenges.

1. Read a book from your favourite romance author.
2. Combine your favourite genre with a romance.
3. Read a book with your favourite romantic trope.
4. Read a fairytale retelling.
5. Read an original fairytale and watch the Disney movie or a film adaptation.
6. Buddy-read a book with a BookTube friend.
7. Read a book while eating some Valentine treats.
8. Read a book that takes place in a location you would love to spend Valentine’s Day.
9. Read a LGBTQ+ love story.
10. Read one of the hosts’ favourite romance books.


Feminist Lit February | MONTH LONG

Feminist Lit February is a month long reading challenge all about celebrating feminism and diverse authors. While there are reading challenges to help guide your reading list, you are also encouraged to choose whatever books you want to read, regardless of the challenges. My favourite thing about this readathon is that the announcement video features a whole bunch of recommendations for each of the challenges, so if you’re lost as to what to read, that video is a great place to start!

The Hosts.


The Challenges.

1. Read a book of feminist fiction.
2. Read a book of feminist nonfiction.
3. Read an #ownvoices book.
4. Read a book written by a black woman/non-binary/gender fluid.
5. Feminist freebie - engage with a form of media that is feminist.

F/F February | MONTH LONG

F/F February is a month long reading challenge celebrating all your favourite sapphic romances, which I think fits perfectly with Valentines month! It features a bingo board of challenges to inspire your reading, along with a photo challenge on instagram, and a giveaway!

The Hosts.

Imi Reviews Books
Fae On The Shelf

The Challenges.



The BookTube Games | MONTH LONG

Is a readathon competition based on The Hunger Games, where you join a reading team and compete against each other to try and read the most pages. There are five teams to join, with discord chats for each team to chat to each other. The four challenges for the readathon are running for a week each throughout the month, so the first challenge is in the first week, second challenge in the second week, etc.

The Hosts.


The Challenges.

1. The two hosts of your fictional place have to decide on the book that everyone in the group should read.
2. Reading in places it isn’t normally acceptable for five minutes, for example reading in church, during a class, in a movie theater etc.
3. A 24 hour readathon.
4. Scavenger hunt, a host from your team will be uploading a video and your task is to find the emoji that is for your team that is hidden in their video, comment or send them the time stamp of where it is and the location.


Val-LIT-Tines is another month long readathon centred around Valentine's Day. It is absolutely jam-packed with amazing activities, including a book swap (called bookish cupid!), a buddy read matching service, and a reading challenge bingo.

The Hosts.

Novel Sarah-ndipity
Where In The World Is Leah Jane

The Challenges.



FairyTaleAThon | 1-10 February

FairyTaleAThon is a regular readathon dedicated to fairytales, folk tales, and fables. It is very sweet, and filled with a lot of lovely extras to help get you in the reading spirit, including a video tag, and a series of giveaways.

The Hosts.

Alex’s Fiction Addiction
A Bear And A Bee Books
Coffee Cocktails and Books
The Lost Reader
EricaE Reads

The Challenges.

1. Melt the Frozen Heart - Read a book that features friendship or family.
2. Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair - Read a retelling over 500 pages.
3. Gadgets and Gizmos A Plenty - Read a retelling that’s part of a series.
4. Beware the Snow Queen - Read a retelling that takes place during winter or has a wintery word in the title.
5. True Love’s Kiss - Read a retelling with a wood worthy romance.
6. Warm Hugs - Curl up with a warm beverage and read your favourite fairytale.
7. Let It Go - Read a book you’ve been hesitant to pick up
8. Gaston’s Tavern - Read the group book.


BlackAThon | 11-25 February

BlackAThon is a two week readathon celebrating Black History Month. It’s all about promoting further diversity in BookTube and encouraging a healthier relationship with reading ‘diverse’ books. There are six challenges to inspire your reading, including a couple of interactive/multimedia challenges to inspire further conversations among readers.

The Hosts.

Francina Simone
The Novel Lush
Bowties and Books

The Challenges.

1. FEEL THE LOVE: Read a book featuring romance between two black people.
2. WAKANDA FOREVER: Read a graphic novel/comic with a black or African MC.
3. HEAR US: Read a work by a black/African author.
4. FEEL THE BEAT: Listen to these four poems on the readathon Twitter.
5. MORE THAN A COLOR. Read a book starring an intersectional black character.
6. IN THIS TOGETHER: Read the group book, Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.


Manga Madness Readathon | 16-26 February

Manga Madness is a ten day readathon that has been around for a long time! There is a reading challenge bingo board, where you can choose to try and complete a bingo for the readathon, and there is also an option to simply read whatever you want, as long as it’s manga! Along with that, there is also an Instagram photo challenge for people to participate in.

The Hosts.

Drink Coffee and Read Books

The Challenges.


I’m so excited about all of these readathons, and I will definitely be trying to participate in as many of them as I can without completely overexerting myself!

What readathons are you most excited about this month? And do you think I should continue making these readathon lists each month?!