The Name of The Wind // Reading Diary

Please note that this post will have SPOILERS for the book in question. This is not a book review but a collection of my thoughts and notes on the book as I read it, kind of like a diary.

10·03·17 | thought

How is this guy's name even pronounced? Because every time I read it all I can think of is Donald Trumps covfefe tweet. And I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to be pronounced...

10·03·17 | thought

The descriptions of Autumn are wonderfully picturesque in this book, it makes me glad I decided to read this book now because it is the perfect weather for it!

11·03·17 | quote

This quote really struck me, because it's something I've never thought about before, but the moment I read it I felt how true it was. I feel like 'nostalgia' is simply a yearning for a time when we didn't worry about the future, but just lived in the moment.

"The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind."

11·03·17 | thought

The point where Abenthy talked about thoughtlessness and power and the damage that can be done with the two of them together was really profound.

20·03·17 | quote

What a metaphor. Seriously strong imagery here.

"There was such despair that mothers could no longer muster enough hope to give their children names."

21·03·17 | quote

This one made me giggle a little. Because I think we've all said something to this effect throughout our lives.

"The boy grows upwards, but the girl grows up."

22·03·17 | thought

Denna is basically like a fantasy version of the 'manic pixie dreamgirl' ...

24·03·17 | thought

Holy crap things sped up like crazy here. Like one moment I was just reading along all relaxed like, enjoying the beautiful writing and the metaphors, and then the next moment I'd read like a quarter o the book in a rush because holy HELL THE ANXIETY. 

25·03·17 | thought

I've gotta be honest here. Every time anyone ever mentions Kvothe's hair being 'flamelike' or basically anything to do with Kvothe's hair... this is what I think of. So sue me. :P


24·03·17 | thought

So I've finished the book now. And I loved it, but I still think of Kvothe as basically Syndrome from the Incredibles, and I still pronounce his name as Covfefe. Which probably diminishes his integrity a little haha.