A Novel Readalong // April

This is the official blog post for first ever Novel Readalong!

How it works.

So the idea is basically like a book club, but combined with all the fun challenges of a readathon. Everyone reads the same book (chosen by you guys) and when you reach certain points in the book (e.g. 3 chapters in) then there's a particular task for you to do on Instagram or Twitter to show everyone else in the readalong how far you've gotten! I've made a video explaining it better for you as well so feel free to watch that if it doesn't make sense!

The challenges.

So the book for the first ever readalong is A Darker Shade of Magic. And the challenges are as follows!


You can post these challenges either on Twitter or on Instagram. As long as you use the hashtag or tag me in the post then I'll be able to find you and support your reading!

Other readers.

Keep track of other people doing the readalong here!

Novel Thoughts
Pip Reads
Lady Smijubug

Sign up.

Are you joining the readalong? Let me know using the form below so that I can follow you and keep up with your posts!

Good luck!

I'll be posting my own updates as I read of course, and I hope to see you reading with me!