A Compendium of ACOTAR Aesthetics

So I'm a little *cough a lot cough* obsessed with the ACOTAR series by Sarah J Maas.

I genuinely don't even understand why. I just read it and became immediately addicted. It just seemed to hit that sweet spot that got me hooked. And because of that, combined with my (mild) addiction to creating aesthetic mood boards. I've made aesthetics for literally anything and everything related to ACOTAR. Aesthetics for all the characters are sorted in order of appearance.


acotar feyre.jpg

Feyre 1.

I wanted to try and capture the innocence of Feyre here, and the fact that her life of fear and struggle for survival has led to her sole ambition being the absence of that fear and stress. Does that make sense? Who knows.

acowar nesta.jpg


Oh Nesta, no one has captured my imagination quite like Nesta. And if I can't have Cassian I guess Nesta's a good enough replacement for me. Lol. I love how she is so stern and so very much like a Victorian lady but boy does she have some fire burning beneath her skin.

acowar elaine.jpg


If no one captured my imagination quite like Nesta, then no one DISAPPOINTED THE HELL OUT OF ME like Elain. SERIOUSLY. So much failed characterisation right here.

acotar tamlin.jpg


acotar lucien.jpg


I don't know who that guy in the middle photo is but he is EXACTLY how I imagine Lucien looking! Someone give him a mechanical eye IMMEDIATELY!

acotar rhys.jpg


a.k.a. the feminist hero I never knew I needed... I could make a thousand aesthetics of Rhys and still not feel like I've truly captured him. But here at least is his darkness, his wings, his pain and his smirky/purry face. Lol. And yes, I would totally dream cast Tom Hiddleston as Rhys. That guy is pure gentleman through and through!

acomaf feyre.jpg

Feyre 2.

Feyre is the only one who gets multiple aesthetics across the series here because her character changes so much. Here I wanted to capture more of the struggle, and the guilt, and the post-traumatic stress that she overcomes in ACOMAF.

acomaf ienthe.jpg


Natalie Dormer would play the perfect Ianthe. That is all.

acomaf mor.jpg


Mor is equal parts temptress and assassin, both strong and broken at the same time. And I love her for that.

acomaf cassian.jpg


Okay so, if I can't have Rhys, I would happily accept Cassian instead (or Azriel in fact, any of these 'sensitive Illyrian babies' would be more than enough to satisfy me! ;) ). And also Michiel Huisman (i.e. Dario Naharis in GOT) is EXACTLY how I picture Cassian. 

acomaf azriel.jpg


Oh my precious bb Azriel.

acomaf amren.jpg


To be honest mainly I just picture Amren as the fashion designer from The Incredibles, but this aesthetic is a close second to that I guess.

acowar feyre.jpg

Feyre 3.

Final Feyre aesthetic cause now she's a badass queen.


acotar spring.jpg

The Spring Court.

With all the descriptions of the Spring Court, it was only to easy to see how it was inspired by Beauty and The Beast!

The Summer Court.

The first of the other courts that we get to see! And I hope we get to see more of it (and more of Tarquin's plans for it) in the future!

acowar autumn.jpg

The Autumn Court.

If the Autumn Court wasn't so corrupted by Lucien's prick of a father I would 4000% live out the rest of my days there.

acowar winter.jpg

The Winter Court.

Home of the gorgeous snow-queen Viviane who should TOTALLY be made high lady she deserves it after keeping her entire court safe through Amarantha's reign surely??!

acowar day.jpg

The Day Court.

The Day Court was clearly inspired by Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt and the lost Library of Alexandria. And I love that. Plus Helion was kind of hilarious in his brief time on page.

acowar dawn court.jpg

The Dawn Court.

The descriptions of the Dawn Court were freaking BEAUTIFUL I TELLS YA.

acomaf night.jpg

The Night Court.

To clarify, this is only Rhys's palace above the Court of Nightmares, I've made separate aesthetics for the other courts. But I wanted to capture the space and serenity that Feyre first encountered in that palace, that she needed to encounter after feeling trapped in the Spring Court. And I STILL CAN'T CAPTURE IT. SOMEONE MAKE ME SOME FAN ART PLEASE.

acomaf velaris.jpg


There is no place in this book that captured my heart quite like the City of Starlight. It literally sounds like every city I've ever wanted to visit (Paris, Venice, London, Marakesh, Fes, Florence, Barcelona, Edinburgh) rolled into one perfect city. And I just... I need to go there. NOW.

acowar library.jpg

The Library.

acotar amarantha.jpg

Under the Mountain.

acomaf hybern.jpg


Mads Mikkelsen would make an awesome King Hybern. That is all.


acotar calanmai.jpg


Something that I didn't know before researching this is that Calan Mai is a real festival. It's essentially the Welsh version of Beltane and May Day, which are festivals held on the 1st of May, a night when spirits were said to come out into the world.

acomaf starfall.jpg


Also known as 'that time when they should have just freakin' kissed and yet somehow they STILL didn't and just get it on already' ...

So, uhhh, yeah. I'm obsessed. #sorrynotsorry